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Greg Christman (Head In Nichola's Sports Academy)

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  1. Greg Christman

    What an amazing story and I too have had experiences that forced me out of the box. Everything I believed fell like a stack of cards — nothing lined up with the way I had always made sense of the world. The result- transformation.

  2. Steve Down

    How do you illicit transformation from inside a closed system? I believe it is through small teams (groups) of people who make a commitment to each other to improve over time. Asking each other– given the giftings and talents we bring to the table– what can we create that will leave the world a better place.

  3. Jones Lee

    Thanks so much for posting. I look forward to many more new conversations with you.

  4. Cherry Walker

    It’s easy for me to learn online. I have the social fabric and friends and we’re learning at outrageous speeds and in random directions and feel absolutely great about it. The definition of success is internal and going to sleep knowing that I learned something worthwhile today.

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