Oracle 12c SQL Tuning for Developers and DBAs

Tuning SQL is a science, not an art. In this class you will learn how to discover what the Oracle Cost Based Optimizer is doing with your SQL, and why it is doing it that way. Then learn how to make the CBO do it better. The techniques presented let you reverse engineer the CBO's decisions, experiment with alternatives, and then push the CBO towards better decisions. This is an intense course;  students should expect to be thoroughly engaged during class.  Students attending the online course should expect some homework.  Students who are fairly new to Oracle Database and SQL should consider our 1-Day SQL Tuning: Core Skills for Beginners class.  "John is super knowledgable about the subject, and is able to explain the topics very clearly. Great instructor as always." "John was an excellent teacher and I thought the content of the course was very good, but John's examples and what he showed at the command line was what made it really sink in."

Instructed by: Akter Hossain,Greg Christman . in:

Course Description

parse-bind-execute-fetch steps

Identify statements that need tuning

The concepts behind cost based optimization

Consider the critical decisions that must be made

Join order

Join method

Access method

Generate and understand query execution plans

EXPLAIN PLAN and SQL*Plus Autotrace

SQL Trace

The DBMS_XPLAN package

Reading query execution plans

Gather statistics

Object, system, and extended statistics

Dynamic sampling and SQL directives


Column group statistics

Learn how and when to make use of various index types

B-tree indexes in all their forms

Bitmap indexes


About Instructor

Greg Christman

Head In Nichola's Sports Academy

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Oracle 12c SQL Tuning for Developers and DBAs

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